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Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat

Debra Stefan Fitness Retreat, originally known as “Live-in Fitness” is located in the Las Vegas-Henderson area of Nevada offering weight loss vacations including teen weight loss camps and weight loss camps for men. Formerly themed adult fat camps or fat farms and popularized by the “Biggest Loser” TV series, Debra’s wellness program remains unique from other adult weightloss camps and is not open to the public. Clients travel worldwide to learn healthy lifestyle habits in Debra’s semi-private home. Debra Stefan, is solely independent and is not associated with any other locations or enterprises.

Hi, I’m Debra Stefan, creator of 24/7 Live-in weight loss camp-the first unique fitness camp where you stay in my residence while doing all of the right things all at the same time…  so you actually replace old habits with new ones that get you to your weight loss goal and keep you there.

If don’t like what you see in the mirror right now…

…If you’ve tried the gyms, the low-calorie diets, and the advice from your well-meaning friends and family who say things like “just eat less and exercise more”…

…but no matter what you do, the weight always comes back-then keep reading, because I have something very important to share with you. Maybe you didn’t succeed because you put on a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter program and not a program designed specifically for you, your metabolism, and your likes and dislikes. Or you were required to count calories, which has proven to cause even greater weight gain in the end. Maybe you weren’t shown new habits that would work specifically for you…not someone else…not someone just like you…but YOU.

This isn’t about helping you lose the weight and then just sending you on your way, without a clue what to do on your own at home, only to gain it all back. You’re gonna discover habits that you can take back with you into the everyday world. And, unlike other residential programs that publicly trot their clients around in public and make them workout in front of large groups of onlookers so they can drum up more business, the workouts you’ll be doing with me are not only extremely customized, but are private as well-giving you the space and privacy you need to reach your goals.

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Amazing Transformation
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Maybe you weren’t held accountable in a structured and supportive environment that has a PROVEN track record for last results. Or maybe you just got busy with life-taking care of the bills, the family, the commitments-and forgot to take care of the one person you need to most: yourself. Whatever the reason is, with my Residential Fitness and Weight Loss Program, I’ll not only help you lose weight as fast and safely as possible, but I’ll help you keep it off by reprogramming you with a set of habits customized specially for YOU…and you’ll be held accountable for practicing these new habits 24/7 so they stick.

At Live-in Fitness you’ll walk in as one person, and walk out a completely new one.

Here’s What My Clients Have To Say…

Sure you’ll still be you, but you’ll be the alpha rockstar you, with a new look, new attitude, and new level of confidence to help you conquer the world. You’ll be the best “You” you can possibly be. And I’m here to make sure of it. So if you’re sick of not liking what you see in the mirror. If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and unhealthy all the time. If you’re sick of no longer getting the respect you want and deserve. If you’re sick of not being able to do all the things you want to with your friends and family because you can’t keep up. If you’re finally ready to put your foot down and take a stand for the person you not only want to be, but the person you DESERVE to be… …and if you’re SERIOUS about it and ready to do what it takes to finally put the extra pounds behind you once and for all…I can help. The first step is to read through the F.A.Q.s and then set up a no-pressure phone consultation so you and we can decide if my program is a good fit for you. So first read the F.A.Q.s here.

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Marina del Rey, California

1 Week
$4,650 wk
$665 day

2 Weeks
$4,600 wk
$657 day

3 Weeks
$4,584 wk
$655 day

4 Weeks
$4,575 wk
$654 day

6 Weeks
$4,550 wk
$650 day

8 Weeks
$4,525 wk
$647 day

12 Weeks
$4,500 wk
$643 day

16 Weeks
$4,475 wk
$640 day

Debra’s LAS VEGAS Semi-Private Group Best

Greater Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

1 Week
$2,275 wk
$325 day

2 Weeks
$2,100 wk
$300 day

3 Weeks
$1,925 wk
$275 day

4 Weeks
$1,750 wk
$250 day

6 Weeks
$1,750 wk
$250 day

8 Weeks
$1,750 wk
$250 day

12 Weeks
$1,750 wk
$250 day

16 Weeks
$1,750 wk
$250 day

UTAH One-On-One

Wasatch, Utah

1 Week
$3,750 wk
$535 day

2 Weeks
$3,500 wk
$500 day

3 Weeks
$3,000 wk
$428 day

4 Weeks
$2,750 wk
$392 day

6 Weeks
$2,542 wk
$363 day

8 Weeks
$2,437 wk
$348 day

12 Weeks

16 Weeks

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