Senior Weight Loss Camp at Las Vegas Live-in-Fitness Fit for 80

Senior Weight Loss Camp Gets 79-year-old Fit for 80th at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Senior Weight Loss Camp Gets 79-year-old Fit for 80th at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

Walter’s son contacted Debra at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness after viewing her web page and videos on “Senior Weight Loss Camp“.

After years of spousal care giving followed by 3 years of sedentary bereavement, he had lost interest in all that once kept him active. They needed a customized program suitable for Walter to start at a very low level of physical capability.

Debra explained that her approach for senior weight loss camp clients was the same as for any other special population; assess then progress.

After seeing what Walter was comfortable doing, the progress began. Small steps toward improvement were made in each of the workout sessions taking place throughout the day. Over the period of one month, Walter had exceeded his own expectations.

The Adult Tricycle is used in Senior Weight Loss Camp conditioning program.

A major aspect of Walter’s cardio workouts were done on an industrial tricycle as seen in the video highlight story below. This gave him the stability he needed while enhancing leg and lung power.  Also, his weight-bearing cardio workouts utilized Nordic trekking poles.  Again, stability was optimized while redistributing efforts onto his upper body to help off load the legs. This worked well for Walter and in a short while he regained the confidence to walk with greater stamina and stability. He then began to plan travel and sightseeing trips for the near future!

The quality of Walter’s life was greatly enhanced by increasing his ability for life’s daily tasks with a nice reserve left over for recreation.

Update: Since leaving Debra’s Senior Weight Loss Camp, Walter has ridden his mountain bike 40 minutes daily and claims he will never give it up again.

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